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About SecDev

SecDev works at the intersection of technology and human behaviour. Since 2006 we’ve developed innovative technologies, solutions, and approaches to the world’s toughest problems, and in the toughest global environments. Our specialized companies - SECDEV GROUP and ZEROPOINT are relentlessly focused on our clients discerning requirements to address threats, risks, and solutions in the cyber, political, and security domains.


SecDev Group specializes in high quality and real-time and open source intelligence and analysis that underpins our core consulting practice. We are a political risk and intelligence agency focused on accurate, real-time and tailored research for discerning clients. We are leaders in state-of-the-art advanced all source analytics, social media intelligence, social network analysis, and big data visualization and possess multi-year experience working with clients across the commercial, government and NGO sectors and in the toughest global environments. We are passionate about the importance of reliable, accurate, and actionable intelligence - and timely, practical options. That’s why our mission is to deliver on time, on target solutions tailored to our clients discerning requirements.


Threat actors are getting smarter and more sophisticated every day. Traditional inbound focused perimeter security solutions and AV are not up to the challenge of the mobile workforce, IOT, and BYOD. Zeropoint delivers intelligent SaaS solutions that apply an intelligence-led approach and security heuristics to actively defend the enterprise against advanced cyber threats - including malware and ransomware - inside the perimeter, and out in the cloud. Our mission is to make cyber defence intelligent and effective across the active defence lifecycle: Learn, Control and Hunt.

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