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About SecDev

SecDev works at the intersection of human behaviour and the digital future. Since 2006 we’ve developed innovative technologies, solutions, and approaches to wicked problems in the toughest global environments. Our specialized companies - SECDEV.AI and ZEROPOINT SECURITY are relentlessly focused on our clients discerning requirements to address risks and opportunities in the digital and urban domains.


SecDev AI is a next generation risk consultancy focused on the nexus of technology, data and social change. We are puzzle solvers. Complexity is our obsession. We recognize urban growth and digital economy as the key changemakers of our era. We channel our intellectual curiosity into creating value by empowering our clients to find opportunity in risk in the digital-urban age. We engage complex issues of urban and digital risk through a combination of strategic insight and excellence in advanced research methods. We look at problems strategically. We design solutions creatively. We communicate results effectively. We apply innovation in every aspect of our work. We are global in scope and fluent in the AI driven future. We believe in creating value. We believe in stronger and safer communities. We work in the private and public sectors to achieve these goals. We enable smarter decisions and better outcomes that help our clients manage complex digital and urban risk, unlock value and find new opportunities.


Threat actors are getting smarter and more sophisticated every day. Traditional inbound focused perimeter security solutions and AV are not up to the challenge of the mobile workforce, IOT, and BYOD. Zeropoint delivers intelligent Passive DNS and Managed Attribution solutions that apply an intelligence-led approach and security heuristics to actively defend the enterprise against advanced cyber threats - including malware and ransomware - inside the perimeter, and out in the cloud. Our mission is to make cyber defence intelligent and effective across the active defence lifecycle: Learn, Control and Engage.


You can work anywhere. That’s a job. But given how much time you’ll spend at work over a lifetime, wouldn’t you like to do more, something exciting? Working at SecDev isn’t just a career choice, it’s a life choice: the chance to work on cutting edge research, learn more about the world, and shape people’s awareness of it. We’re selecting highly motivated people who want to make a difference. In this fast paced and intense environment we work hard because we love it. We foster a casual work place with flexible work hours, smaller teams, and the opportunity to learn and grow.

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