How we are responding to COVID-19

Cyber Defence

SecDev Group launched a volunteer-based COVID-19 Cyber Defence Force.

SecDev is mobilizing Canada’s top cyber security and IT professionals to help safeguard the integrity of national critical infrastructure. This is essential because:

  • No hospital should close because of a ransomware attack;
  • No patient should go untreated as a result of cyber attacks; and
  • No essential service should be held hostage to malicious cyber actors.

If you are a Canadian cybersecurity company or professional interested in contributing some of your time and resources, contact us directly.

Crisis Support

Support current customers to develop strategies and enhance cybersecurity for distributed and work-from-home workforces. SecDev is working with Zeropoint to ramp up its efforts to advise on VPN strategies and access control as well as help governments and companies adapt cybersecurity monitoring to accommodate a distributed workforce.

Digital Response

SecDev is leveraging its expertise to spearhead a number of initiatives including:


  • Social media and Internet platforms: We are advising social media platforms on targeted campaigns to combat disinformation and build evidence-based awareness of the threat of COVID-19.
  • Analysis of cyber security threats: SecDev is producing a regular bulletin that tracks the spread of digital attacks, their sources, impact on multiple sectors, and opportunities to prevent and mitigate digital attacks.


  • Disrupting COVID-19 related disinformation online. We are working with multilateral agencies and other clients to identify, analyze and develop strategies that reduce the harmful impact of COVID-19 related disinformation online.


  • Developing an urban pandemic preparedness index: We are working towards the development of an online dashboard to help city authorities in upper, middle and lower income settings better anticipate, respond to, recover from outbreaks and identify opportunities to strengthen early warning and local resilience.
  • Tracking infection counterfactuals and inventorizing contingencies. We are working with leading computational scientists and epidemiologists to model COVID-19 infections, hospitalizations and case fatalities.


  • Mapping COVID-19 infections using alternative data sources. SecDev is proposing an initiative to assess the extent and magnitude of underreporting of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations, and deaths by comparing official administrative statistics with indicators derived from search queries, social media posts, and conventional media in data scarce environments.


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